The Child

That dear sweet child

his eyes

are only use to lies

the kind from people you would expect

there is nothing great

about being

such a faithless wreck

I said

and that sweet child I see

is standing dewy eyed in front of me

he is scared

he shakes

from his own skin he would crawl out if he could

just to escape

and I said

It’s ok to be afraid

it’s ok to protect your own heart

what’s out there you know

you’ve seen

the endless game of use


take and steal

how could you know if anything is real?

If everyone is always wearing a mask

and tearing down someone else’s heart

but hey you


I was once broken

just like you

but now you need to open your eyes

come out of the shadows and see

this is not how things need to be


I have a light in me

and a fire

that burn bright and true

in every colour

look at me and understand

I am not here like them

to grab and steal, hurt your heart

I want you to feel

what stands in front of you is love

stripped of all the fear.


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