Paradise Chapter Two



Amidst the heavenly clouds of smoke that

dazzled the mind

a great lapse in judgement caused me to

become temporarily blind

that shiny knight looked so bright from afar

and I wanted to have him

so I fell from the sky


my angelic form diminished all in the name of love

I fell from grace just as an angel from heaven would

without ever thinking of the consequence


oh heart how have you shamed us!

all for love and he betrayed us

let us walk in the story backwards

see how we got to this

without the judgements




I once bestowed a great gift upon

a man I thought was righteous

by honour and by great faith

I held in my palms the light of the world

and I handed it to him


I said I know what it is that you are always looking for

and every man that wandered on this earth

has not been content within himself entirely

without the touch of heavenly air around him

and a paradise brought forth only by the sacred divine

feminine power that gracefully embodies the likes of

a woman

and no man shall live ever so happily without the gentle

touch of that heavenly creature on him

for she can fill him with the voice of a thousand lions and

the strength of a thousand warriors

she bears the sacred fruit inside of her

that will give birth to new generation of miracle bodies

carrying the magical minds of the universe


and he adored me for all that I was

such pure and heavenly creature

I stood tall in my garden full of roses

blessed with beauty and

blinding grace

I will grow fields that stretch further than your eyes can see I said

and their fruit shall be like nothing you have ever seen

it will nourish the souls of the future generations

it will nurture their heavenly minds

I will bring my heaven on this earth

my garden evergreen

my lips always red

like all the cherries in the spring

I will never age I tell you

my fountain will never run dry

and the fruit of my labour

I will see reflected

in their hungry

foolish and

glorious eyes


and I only ever desire the best for all those heavenly creatures yet to come

how I dream to be their earthly mother

my dear sleeping beauties how you lay there in the ground

I am waiting patiently for your birth

so I can bring my new era of light

the work of a light worker is always the work of love

and I am ready with fire

to bestow my gifts on you all


and that man I loved so dearly

how he desired to be king

in my kingdom

although nothing there was ever built

by him

so I said to him that he can have it

he can have the whole kingdom for himself

if he is able to sustain it

with a pure heart and grace


if he could with a light touch make the earth come alive underneath his feet

like I do

if his breath could make the flowers bloom

like I do

if he could with a loving look form sacred bonds with all creatures on earth

like I do

if his hands could turn all that he touches to gold

like I can

and if this man can with his mind

plant seeds of love and prosperity for the whole world

then I myself shall claim him worthy and give away my throne

and my kingdom

all to him


the next time he woke I saw the hatred in his eyes

he had begun to resent me

he wanted me gone

my angelic form shined no more in his eyes but rather

recoiled at the sight of me


then one day I felt it coming

it came through the air first

it was a thick and bitter smoke

for he had set fire to my kingdom

my gardens burning down

one by one

he was in search of a tree

the one tree I never gave him

he had heard the whispers of

that sacred hidden tree

deep inside my thick forests

that held great power he could harness


I guarded that tree fiercely

with my own life

and the one mistake that I made

was that I trusted this man

in disguise

and so


he found the tree of life

and claimed it all for himself

he desired eternal life

governed by greed and discontent

he drank the white liquid pouring out

of its body

and he thought he would live forever

he thought he didn’t need me anymore

until the tree showed him better

and made him one with it’s roots


they weight of it all

was too much for one man to carry

to be this grounded into the earth

he couldn’t be the king that he wanted

so he sought out to destroy

my tree and my heaven

for he couldn’t control it

and I warned him

I warned him

his own demise was not too far from him


and so the sun set for the last time

in our paradise lost

in the fruitful gardens

that so nurtured our eager hearts

beloved look at what you’ve done

the last light of our golden sun

reflected in my eyes.

To be continued…


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