The Architect

God bless the architects I said, for they are great

I praise and celebrate all their creations

how great are those designs, so great!


and I truly admire the endless potential pouring out of his mind

he’s a rare gem I tell you, has a mind like a diamond

so raw and pure, waiting to be found

he’s been waiting patiently in the ground

for his time to come


I see the rising in his eyes

that very first spark ignite

a fire for the creator in him

his hand glides along the horizon

illuminating all the land

and he shows me

how it is that he creates all those marvellous buildings


the buildings of an architect reflect his soul

they are the building blocks of life

his hopes and dreams

his aspirations

and those underlying layers of more intricate

inner mechanics


what this architect doesn’t seem to know is

that his buildings

are insufficient

without the warmth of a beating heart

inside the cold hand felt iron


his buildings are insufficient because they have been diminished

they have embodied the archetypal themes and values

of their creator’s humility

and demeaned dignity

they are degraded

into something less

starved of love and starved of embrace


you clothe your buildings so well my darling

everything is always closed

and shut tight

all the windows, the doors

the curtains pulled


and this particular building, is this your masterpiece?


It’s tall and grand, full of tall facades and marble

in its veins runs iron

all the way to the ground

it stands tall amongst the rest, so high up in the sky!

I see the pillars of your labour

they have been painted with your sweat and tears

you are trying hard I know

you want to build them taller and better

but I wish you would spend some time inside

maybe see it from my eyes

there is so much work to be done

on this interior


I take a look at what you’ve built

it is well deserved in praise

so beautiful on the outside

I simply marvel and admire



you see

what good is it

if what you built

becomes the prison that you live in?


beautiful design my lover, it is great

but the walls you built confine you


what is this house you built? the one they all praise?

will you live for their applause?

for their approval?


is this the house you want to live in my lovely?


I am a guest here, I visit often

I take my shoes off at the door

and I enter

every day at dawn

for your dear sake my love.


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