Heart Full of Wine

Those with light that came to me

I embraced with arms open


palms full of admiration

applaud profoundly

prudent crowds

and lands prolific


the scintillating goddess

inside of me is ready to come forth

and embody this lissom frame of respiring flesh

and involute maps

the labyrinths inside of her

are inextricable


those magic combinations of words

are engraved on my own flesh

I myself shall be a great poem one day

I carry them with me

my lustrous skin holds poems for the world

that allure with a certain mystique

and airy

smoke of delicate aroma and

exquisite piquancy

in taste

I want you to taste what I already know

to be true

in the elusive oceans inside of me

that I know you will adore


for this magnetic soul

there is no sorrow on earth

that she can not heal


I want to swim in her charismatic blue eyes forever

she is me and I am her


walking in the fields of gold

we unite and burn with flames

growing higher and higher


the fortune teller told me

looking at the empty cup and

patterns of scattered

coffee grains inside


that I will scatter myself all over this earth

in fields of amber and gold

with my white silk dress

flying around in the wind

the skies above me shall be clear

I will dance in my spirit

I will be free

I will be content on this earth

beautiful and pure

like love I will never age


I want to take it all in

and savour every moment passed

breathing and living

laughing and feeling

the wind around my golden hair

and face

the soil under my bare feet

the blue waters cradling me

the sun shining on me

it is enough I say

just to be here



my heart loves full of fire

it’s a heart full of wine

like love I will never age

can’t you see I am here to

live with such grace and finesse

I will live forever

in their eyes

from the dirt in the earth

I shall rise

in love

and for love


at once.


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