Paradise Chapter One

Author’s Note:

This is a story I wrote a few years back and I thought I’d say a little about it since I haven’t had the chance to engage with many of my readers. For me personally, this was a very important lesson and experience. One that needed to be repeated, again and again. 

Self love and respect are self taught practices that require daily work, dedication, commitment and compassion, much like our relationships with people. I believe that the most important relationship that we will have is the one that we have with our selves. This is where the real work takes place. This is what we need to nurture before anything else. You are the person you are going to spend your life with, everything else is giving, sharing. They say that our internal world reflects our outer. What we think and how we feel should match our actions, our values and beliefs will attract similar events and circumstances into our lives and the same goes for the people we choose as our partners. They are a reflection of certain parts of ourselves, positive or negative. People will often come into our lives to teach us important lessons. Painful lessons. For me, pain has always been a catalyst for growth. I also believe that all the work I have put into building a healthy relationship with myself is the only reason I can do what I do today. To be able to create and share. To evoke, stir, arouse, inspire, encourage, motivate, influence, galvanize. To heal you. To heal me.  Know your worth and be proud of yourself and your art, no matter your media/medium. 

I would also like to thank all the strong women out there who have had to face something like this at some point in their lives and fought hard and conquered. You inspire me. Thank you to all the readers for visiting. I am grateful and I see you from all over the world. Stay tuned for Chapter Two.

The image I used is from one very talented photographer. I found his work to be something of a reminiscent of some distant nostalgia, drenched in the sublime beauty of people and nature’s spectacular scenery. Check him out;


Chapter One


This girl knew that she was a God

that she came from a world beyond

this place

she felt the divine blood in her veins

she embodies the feminine power

of unrivalled beauty and grace

gifted with a great mind

and a tongue that speaks only the truth


her delicate hands hold her biggest weapon

for she will write out

what the bemused mind can’t translate

with her words she will forge

the most sublime scenes

raw and unaltered

she will portray the impossible

the most beautiful



feelings and bring

them to light

for all the world to see


the mere sight of her sets in motion a tapestry

of events

so elusive in their nature

they can disarm any man

the air around her aspires the senses

this half girl half lioness

is singing her song

unaware of the unimaginable power she holds


her spirit is pure

moves over them like the wind

she carries herself over the earth with revere

her heart, strong and warm

full of compassion and embrace

pure love runs through her veins

it is gold and it is magic they way she moves her slender frame

to the thumping rhythm of music

dancing to nature’s whimsical symphonies

her cool, blue eyes have a light in them

that’s arcane and hypnotic

spellbinding every creature on her path

it is truly thrilling just to be in her presence

to watch her withdraw in her timid shell

then flourish and bloom with finesse

for she knows how to put on a show for you

if she feels your heart to be pure

she will open up to you

giving you the most inexhaustible sense of

ecstatic pleasure and joy

her true essence is divine

with one look

with one touch

you will be forever under her spell

marked by her for life

for she will embody what you love

guard and protect you with her life

she will treasure your heartfelt values

you would always feel safe in her arms


this lucid girl dreams of seeing you flourish

she dreams of giving you a world

you never though was possible

she will orchestrate a paradise just for you

and her


it’s a new world she is constructing

and she wants you in it


and so she did

for one peculiar soul

she made a new world

she made a house for them to live in

but like all tales of great kingdoms

this man whom she had chosen as her lifelong partner

after time he became restless

consumed by greed and power and ego

he displayed his dominance over her

one day he threw her down to the cold ground

down in the mud and placed

his heavy foot on top of her

to show he is now king

in this land


just like that he become blind to her suffering

he was a ruthless and merciless king

he became deaf to her pleading

for everything he inflicted on her

she bravely endured

she believed in great love

and in the strength of her spirit

until one day she could take no more


she became a pale shadow of the fire that she once was

her will to love and

to create

diminished and


without a trace

and she could barely remember who

she once was at all


and so the paradise that once was

he tore and burned to the ground

it is now a paradise lost

a paradise lost forever

in her eyes.


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