I draw my first morning breath

beside you

I feel so full now

I am complete


open your dewy eyes my love

I want to stay here in this bed


drenched in your autumn brown eyes

not moving a muscle

just watching your perfect body turning

hour after hour

until you awake


your hands are miracle workers you know

the way they penetrate from my skin to my soul

with such ease


I want to savour every moment

spent in your graceful presence

you are just like an angel

so beautiful and pure


your being does not ask for my company

not from need or necessity

but I am delighted

to be this close to you

to touch the gentle parts of you


I fall and rise all at once

in love


I love so deeply this beautiful thing inside of you

that is thousands of years old

wise and charismatic

I am enchanted by its magnetic light

there is such an air of mystique around you

and how it moves me

I am lost in another world


I have loved men and women

but I have loved none like you


and this is the poet’s misery

words are not enough

I fail all at once

every time I try to capture

the beauty of you

I become a prisoner of some kind

I become the one that’s captured


the ecstatic raptures of joy

transport me

to a kind of heaven

that could only exist

here in this place

with you.


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