The Grapevines Chapter Two




summer time in the open air

a year new creeps behind curtains dusty and around corners uncertain

walking down the streets of your city

past the cannonball trees and lively cafés streaming

crowds are buzzing cheery tonight

the season festive and spry thrives along beaches tropical and along city lights

black velvet glistens in nights humid and wet

have you seen my sailor how it envelops my delicate magnolia flesh?

winds soaked in youthful laughs and rosy romance swathe the heart

tell me sailor must hearts part?

winds carry symphonies jolly heated with desire

and I burning in the velvet quietly smile

after fires and yearly trials of playful deceit took me for a fool

I leave skins behind for new coats and better dressing

I took one more faithful fall

I shall answer the call of the ocean at once

in beauty dressed and in my dauntless youth

flesh breathing and unabashed whips me hard and burns hesitating doubts

unyielding and brazen as I am

pleading to sailors can you help me find that man

the one I look for hangs far away from my eager hand

away I say but not far from the heart they say

I count the golden coins collected and hurry down the bay

with ships and sailors bargained begging to be taken far away

I traded all for days of loveliness and open roofs

days are early and hours are late

tell me shall we leave it all to faith?

we sailed the seas in hope of lands that can contains us

as we are true and resolute once more we shall stand

hand in hand just you and I

inquisitive and curious

unsure of what we’d find

what I searched for did I find it in your eyes?

in palms open that held light for me in nights of sorrow and in days pristine

and what you found in mine you took away with you in silence

I placed my faith and future dreams on strings of broken violins

melodies failed me not even as feet tired broke for rest

and he shall fail me not too

in eyes long ago acquainted with mine I send soul ravens with messages of time

shall we mind and contemplate what the souls are searching for at night

the months pass on by and the years heavy on our back

strong as I am I must recite

love heavy on the vine takes its toll and winds me down

I wished for things many and looked for shelter in allies long and dark

not ever admitting the unremitting

bashing and crying of a ghost abiding and unfading

what are we seeking to fill at our own will?

the wine rests inside cups golden and those of silver

and the poison drops from hands that once so promised to please us

is it the needing that leaves us ill and sick with burdens of time?

who am I to decline?

do you my sailor dare ask what lies beneath the fetching masks?

let us watch the faces of those who stand in false composure and entice

marked by razor sharp tongues and burning in their flesh with vice

screaming out demands

not ever admitting to their flesh and to the bone

what has been done

as equanimity slips further and away from their treacherous hands

the façades will give away

spirits hungry subdivide and exhales the lies

out from cages and those of the ribs

fragile things shall fall apart as nature states

breaking open once and allowing hearts to speak

is a seldom pleasure and a gift

be true now my friend be true to yourself

be not afraid or let forget

as the first word’s been spoken

I will be your token of truth and of favourable desire

let us mind not what is left behind in past lives and early hours

lucky sailor spread your nets now far and wide

for I tell you what the soul comprises of are the wins and loses

of an undivided love

raise your cup now full

let us make that faithful toast

tell me does the wine vermilion drip from your heart

ripe and heavy in days of harvest it bled with us

every vine it rested on nurtured and cultivated with love

through the years burning and turning and on the back of eyelids tired

remember now real love holds no barriers

who is there to please us, fills us and then leave us

well I advise no further for I lose my hands

I’ve been digging far too long down the dry well

my spirit now demands the thirst be quenched

tell me can we make amends?

waste the light and let us go into the night

nights are solitary and extend and here I am

a ghost wandering in shadows sleepless

ill at ease and restlessly pacing inside a mind submissive

mortal in my flesh and sick with love dewy on vines tranquil

do you feel the chill?

of air merciless and sharp as words hang far back

in dreadful silence and in meadows running wild

hiding from hearts patient who wish to draw not swords but white flags

so I say to you now let us

can we speak it as it is without holding back intentions?

I stood still undressing fears which crippled me once and left me deaf and numb

watching now the silver moon beyond my thumb

tell me what is there to teach

a girl as reckless as myself?

I do he said I do believe that you are slowly dying here my friend

well then let us sit and respire on the sand

the moon up high advises us tonight

she swears by us days of glory are ahead

not in vain was every battle fought and struggle on the road to home

are we not my love so much more than the decaying flesh and bone?

let the ocean wash away what no longer serves your soul

sail with me now sailor let us go

away we go and into the night

away we go and flow along the river of life

sweetly vaporing about the days of youth

dreams hang heavy as my warrior stands on one foot

scales steady balance of his shoulders weary now

and I see how

he thrusts his hands up high for the cheering crowds

illuminating hearts and minds of men before him

tell me if you know him, tell me if you’ve seen the beast his soul rides upon

and in the night comes howling

a man of grace and in true honour

whispers his desires into the ears of nations and those of lovers

all will follow and discern

with love not pity praying for their king’s return

the drums beat heavy and in the chest of all men

hold your banners high and let us go to war tonight

what is there to require from a man whose spirit flows over cities and over towers?

like sunrays piercing through the thickest clouds

I tell you he who so effortlessly inspires

will find contentment in the seeds of love he once planted

under feet of nations yearning in despair

graced with courage, his hands now unrestrained

will pave the way and set the stone

tell me what is there for us to yearn for my love?

let us sail now captain I am yours

let us watch the sun rising over the ocean at dawn

to the west and to the east I watch him go

his eyes elusive reach lands and kiss the skies above

soul burns with fire blue and ascends above all men who thought they knew

might I solemnly sigh and marvel in tears

by his side I said I wish to spend my years

down jungles cavernous and mountains broad

through meadows evergreen, past fields and rainforest foliage

far further and beyond the deepest ocean’s depths and ceaseless flow

of rivers stirring and thrilling

let us not divide

I come to you open and serene with love hanging heavy on the vine

will you take my hand?

tell me sailor what is it that you seek?

is it more than what the earth and the ocean can give you here with me?

is it more than the sun shining and a love alive that’s thriving?

let us sit at last and respire

let us contemplate nothing

if its silence that you desire

let us leave it to the senses

down the rose gardens and in the indigo nights

let us free the spirits

so they may run wild amongst the living

be not afraid to wed and bond

to what the souls are dreaming

as they fuse as one

what happens here between you and I

is with certainty the most precious link one could bind

will you consolidate with me now captain?

as I sow and foster the seeds of a new chapter

you heart speaks rather loud tonight my sailor

and I need not words I need not a translator

tell me warrior of order

what do eyes see if they have lost their wonder?

do the eyes of men blind resemble those of the defiled?

what do you think of trading the soul for currencies and dreams that expire?

and what is to make of those living among us

that made you feel like freedom is something you must work for

let us mind not matters empty of heart

let us go forward and back to the lands

back to summer days hefty loaded with tropic heat

burly characters season afternoon breezes with youthful expressions

in the end all men flourish and blossom

in the end one’s arms become the other’s

willing to receive in gentle bosoms

cradles of love bound hearts together

behold the mortal flesh sick with joy and leisurely pursuits

behold the soul immortal everlasting and patient

wise is only the man who endured his journeys

after trials and battles long

screamed out in the open air, howling day after day

return with chest torn open bleeding new blood

he who had only few words to say

said it best

forevermore and ceaselessly they all go

men and women

beasts and wild ones

along streams and down riverbanks

along fields and mountains high

what truth do we offer the hearts?

once false layers have been stripped away

come closer she said

closer towards love

away from hate

away from despair

let us serve tea and coffee to our friends

butter on toast and marmalade

how sweet are talks and gatherings in summer rays

honeyed voices

laughs unrestrained

of all the faces we adore

we have won acclaim.


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