The Grapevines Chapter One




I once had a heart

to me this heart was given

full of knots and vessels bleeding

wounds serpentine carried

burdens unreleased

sutured in past times

now loosened and hands unclenched

let us respire sitting on a quiet bench

the fickle soul immortal rests

on hazel wood and morning dew

let us watch at dusk sunsets marigold

painting skies of apricots and butterscotch

succulent and juicy

is the berry of my fruit

ripe and tender

let us merry

let us tie the knot in secret and

engage in love affairs of whispers and adventures

portraits intimate and extraordinary

let us enjoy feasts with company divine

let us bask in the sun just you and I

let us contemplate the wonders of the alphabet

words luscious that rhyme

I will tell you why my favourite letter is the A

you can tell me why they call me the lady of the lake

was I too still and quiet for the world

perhaps they though that I was dead

let us enjoy long anticipated talks

over glasses of old French wine

sweet figs and Camembert

let us explore

mouth watering themes of forbidden gardens untrodden

let us go on with delicious curious tongues

let us make our choice

what we share just you and I

is with certainty the most appetizing secret

one could find

let us behold the mysteries of the untold

let us enjoy the fruit plates of a future foretold

what happens in silence

happens between us

inside rib cages where

fiery hearts make deals of their own

let us share a different kind of talk

one that is between the souls

those are matters not for our concern

let us leave them to it and return

to the Atlantic let us race

in the crystal waters we shall dive

if you lead I will follow you tonight

taking all my courage on my back

let us not turn back

let us ride the waves of an unceasing beast

hovering its watery mass over us

the moon too is impassioned by us all

it’s been so long since I’ve been cradled by such force

did I mention to you dear?

I have a passion for the arctic blue and the cerulean

as it glistens in the ocean’s bed and stretched across skies clear

was it crystals that you saw in me?

was it a gleam that caught your eye?

inside the eyes that studied you for years

sapphire blue or teal hues screens

was I a gem that lay there on the ground?

curious and unrefined

praying in silence and waiting to be found

perhaps I was a sumptuous jewel hanging in a glass case

one without a price

pick with caution and at your own risk

washed out labels will advise

hey mister we promise she has grace

be not afraid to take this lady’s hand

even if coatings and appearances lie

let me leave it to you as a surprise

what lies beneath the mountains of my body

buried beneath the mineral and gold

inside rose gardens secluded

the core is as dewy and as sweet

a desert worthy of a God

out from my vigorous heart

elixir divine is spilling and I know not why

it is no secret I confess that I like to baffle and perplex but

if you ask me who I am today

well I’d rather contemplate all the elements known to man

you my true companion and friend

how you shine superior amongst the rest

I once said I’d never take my hat off to a man

never once bowed down for love in sweet surrender

but now at my own good will I bow in reverence

without hesitation or regret

benevolent and smitten I confess

my love for you follows through the years

through ever changing seasons

in blazing winters when I was so cold

in summers tropical and sweltering I boiled

my lover at hand’s reach or from afar

I’ve been waiting for you here

at the gates lacing roses ’round my tights

I’ve been swaying back and forth

in my white lily dress

wrapping silk around my frame and fiddling the lace

wearing pearls and latte tan

I drop a dollar in the sand

hoping that you’d find it

trace it back to me

will you find what you have left behind?

tell me sailor of the seas

do you ever dream of being set free?

shall I send again a tropical kingbird your way

a great kiskadee singing songs of honey dripping dew

loving memories?

does the high pitched cry evoke a memory of a life

a feeling or something that you missed and let slip aside?

I call on you today as I might digress

take your shoes in hand and follow me I said

let us stroll on beaches unspoiled

down the west of your city

let us run wild in the Tuscan sun

come count the mountain tops with me

the pine green hills engirth us

the earth prolific gives and she too is with us

if it’s therapy you seek

if it’s peace your heart desires

well then take my hand and free us

the smell of sea weed and salt fills the air

it can take us there

sit with me under the mango tree

enjoying coco water and sweet lychee

let us talk until we exhaust and turn hazy blue

it’s true

imperial palm trees reflect in your eyes

there is fire that surrounds him I mumble stupefied

tell me captain why you sail your ships

down the Antigua sky and green reefs?

does the Bermuda teal water and bottomless sky

ignite the passion in your lions as you thrust your voice up high?

tell me sailor of the seas why I stagger and I stumble every time I find you near?

out from my exquisite heart

the ink black drips and I know not why

let us respire sitting on the golden sand

let us make amends

if you wish to loosen and unwind

I tell you now there is much more for us to find

with a touch, gentle let me slide forth

inside the nucleus of your heart

out from the nexus of your eye

curious and tender stares the soul

pointing at me in demand

sweet tempered as I am

can I make amends?

I shall wait here for you my friend

where the ocean and the sun meet at dusk

my spirit seraph stretched in heaven’s garden and on vine

when you stare into the ruby twilight think of me tonight

along horizons of tangerine and gold

counting not tears and send out wishes

tell me have you ever seen eternity behind your eyelids?

love that is heavy and sweet as wine

fills my heart and I solemnly sigh

I ask what do I do with what I have in my hands

won’t you my beloved sailor kindly lend a hand?

heavy hangs this palatial heart

words of love are dripping from my lips and I know not why

unhurried and unrestrained now let me pass

I shall find in you what you keep away from common eyes

let me tenderly with care unravel what was twisted

the knitted, woven threads inside a heart worn out with knots and stitches.


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