Violet Chapter Eight

The thread

an oath;

a beastly creature

ceaseless and unbinding

faithful to the cord

a diamond studded girdle

the invisible tread

binds them together

in the sacred dance

step into the perpetual waltz and

speak no more

of this divine comedy

I only know one melody

the way her voice called my name

across the lands and over the waves

in nights solitary

and in deafening silence it ringed

such grace notes and thrills

rolled over me

who would dare extinguish this loveliness?

a curse;

oh violet

goddess of gold

feeding the muse

shy violet

wild violet

beautiful weed

your scent elusive

leaves a trail in the night

how it allures

and imprisons

with the touch of a hand

your kiss

ruby red

sour as the wine

intoxicating the heart

seals a promise on his lips

a promise that he is yours

and to you only he shall now belong

long after you’re gone

long after

your sinuous body lay next to him no more

the heaviest of maledictions poured from the wounded spirit

let violet teach you about retribution.


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