Violet Chapter Seven

Time’s last gift to him

his realisation;

oh violet he cried

won’t you ever come back

your scent I remember

your smile elusive

your laugh

I remember you faintly like a ghost

hauntingly beautiful

how you danced in pale flesh

inside the sheets of our bed

I want to feel again the warmth of your hands

touching my face

to lay my head in your gentle bosom

I’d give anything

the memory of you I can not erase

come back one day

come back

I was a fool once to let you go

I was a fool twice

a man full of pride and bitter doubt

now nights are solitary and long

I only have my foolishness with me

and my youth behind me

I remember you

lying here

in our room

the room where

we spent our happiest days

I keep a ghost of you alive

until you may return

wisdom comes to him;

no man is wise enough to withstand

love’s wicked grip and crooked smile

time’s flesh stripping whip takes all

with bloodthirsty vengeance for youth that spares

no man in sorrowing decline

when fate flips the silver coin

it matters not who you are

a beggar or a king

and he who saw a God in her kiss

saw he was not wise enough

when she came before him once more

he saw what he thought only death could bring

a creature of such purity

offering her golden heart

he recalls again

as she stepped out from her vessel

with only a soul to spare and to share

the light he saw

that light that filled her vessel

it poured back in her eyes

what is this if not God in flesh with angelic eyes

I have not met eyes that enchant like your eyes

he wept as

a thousand roses flowered red

he thought that perhaps he was dead

amorous words poured out from his heart

the mouth will speak in truth now

it will abide.


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