Violet Chapter Six

Autumn comes early for him

one ought not to fabricate the motive for his purpose

the arm twisting truth will whip you down remorseless

don’t you know your superficiality holds your freedom hostage?

look at how the material has you enveloped in a fuzzy desire

to be so precise in your articulation, your temerity and insolence

you grew connected to one cause

systematic and methodical

never sought and never found

the origin of your fear

your misty dreams turn to vapour, self contradictory and undeveloped

but something drives the unconscious dominion

to seek different interpretations

confessions are extracted under duress

fate spares no man trying to shift out of his responsibilities;

on an autumn day

when earth’s beauty unapologetic shined bright

her majesty in gold began to pale away

happily gave her crimson and gold to a foreign girl

nature as it witnessed

this lucid girl dancing away with the wind

dared asked no more and welcomed her in warm embrace

a woman of such loveliness

approached me

she stepped into the light and smiled for me dear

she asked to take my hand

her clothes she dropped on the ground and asked for me to take her there and then

but it was not her naked flesh exposed my friend

that was not what I saw

when she timid and flushed

stepped out from her vessel

she bared only a soul

and that soul she gave it to me

from then on I only saw violet

everywhere I looked

I thought I was insane

the sound of leaves falling I heard no more

the rushing wind ringed no more in my ears

paid no mind to the changing of seasons

birds ceased to sing

the earth stood still and time slowed it’s clocks

I dropped down to my knees

a proud man I was once I tell you

a beast that shut his burning eye

at the mere sight of love

now the sun and moon mock me for my selfishness

as emotions of love arise

I can not extinguish what she started

the way she comes and stirs the blood

only love stirs in such way

only love makes all men brave

should it be in secret or should I now confess

I get lost through the locks of her hair

sweet as honey she is

I forget my friend I forget

who I was and where I came to.


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