Violet Chapter Four

The man who proved her immortality

the big hunt for the truth arouse my curiosity

but a dangerous compass squeezed me into this formula;

a wounded heart is capable of monstrous deeds

If feeds meaning into the heights and depths of my malicious conscience

the fires are oriented in direct line with my autumnal sun

all notions elude me

nuances of love and hate burn me in my hidden suffering

it’s a sick, sick game

to deny her suffering with silence

but I know his name

and he shall be held accountable one day;

oh violet

poor violet

tell us what sorrows of love arise

from those mournful lips

the soulful queen recalls;

I have aged since you last saw me

worn out with scars but my words heavy and true

wiser at any rate

old pains pierce her;

hold your words and let breath be done before it comes

sweet plum colour fleets as lips part in eminence concealed

the magenta trembles in it’s silent screams

I have much to say to you beloved but

fate as it stands will not allow it

and what it bore in the night it haunts and follows me

hear the echoing of his doubt

smouldering the flesh with uncertainty

but have I not met that beast in the flesh

stood against him and fought brave as I could

will it be again hollowing farewells

rid her chest from gruelling pains

no man could

at any rate

she comes to terms to with it

I could rest if all be told but that’s not the deal of it

oh violet

rose of our world

cry no more tears of heavy longing

do not let your grace and your beauty whiter away in the night

must you press your gentle bosom

against every thorn

did you by chance or by mistake

bid too much on one man;

silent she stays but here lies the tie

take a look at the concealed life she lives

the secrets she hides

under that heavy breast

for every night she dies

silent and solitary

she beacons far and beyond

wild and undone

a lone branch whitening in her loneliness

winters come but never leave

under the candle lit ink

the cotton and the silk shrink

record what is there

her agony

wild hysteria in the naked night

pours wilderness in the ultramarine shadows

what brings about troubles if not memories

of old ghosts and old sorrows

an assertive image leers at her blind

those soulful brown eyes

unattainable and unforgettable

I remember she wept

arms that held me tight in a cradle of love

the ink stretched across his torso

I remember she said

clear as day

the sound of his breath

against my yearning flesh

my finger tips passing through his dark hazel hair

it was his flesh adorned with a thousand kisses

all my own

and what I gave to him was my soul

and now she punishes me for it

now I can’t retrace

I can’t replace what I lost that day she cries.


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