Violet Chapter Three

The white beauty

violets brought my innocence to light, strengthened my devotion

what comes to light shall be abolished, intensified and rendered

by inclemency of weather, chance and experimentation

careful who you consign your sanity to when luck glimmers like a perilous jewel;

a swan alone

withering in pale loveliness

a kind of oracle

shying away from the grand stage of life

ancient jewels spread across her eyes

blue sapphires mirror

an oasis of serenity

her lissom body embellished

white silk garnished with golden embroidery

the violet flower hides behind its leaves;

a dual creature in the night

an autumnal ghost

or resplendent as spring

in a time of gentle beauty

this beauty is in bloom

out like a lion

in like a lamb

embrace the ever changing faces

of a twin’s rotating mind

her soul in corset

bursting at the seams

puts a skin on her words

the colour violet is the most difficult to distinguish;

come and find me in the spaces in between

along the pages blank

what does violet muse over

she muses over the lines

where one’s most secluded parts reside

an antipode of the free spirit, the moralist or cynic?

the secret does not flee from mouth to mouth

but at any rate one might ask

in which shade of purple do you violet hide?

a diaphanous dress of pale gold

wisps of feathery blond hair

she slowly twists a purple iris in her hand

unaware of the power she holds

let violet guide you in sorting truth from fiction;

well my friend, I have been across the world in search of knowledge and mastery

twenty seven years those grapevines ripening and in the end my wine spoiled and tarnished, by the superfluity of all their malice

those are the thieves and cowards;

their evil feasibility took my liberty from me

and the acuity of his final strike blew my jealous mind

violet says to everything there is a reason.


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