Violet Chapter Two

How a man eluded his happiness

the defender recalls encountering life;

the ambitionist

a visionary king

his soul spent on false virtues

drawing content from the mind

analytical and indolent

his ignorant eye praise

the gold statues of men

the marble and iron etched

moulded the new beauty

shuffle the cards

the crowd praises him and he

in his solitude praises them back

he who bet his life on gold but had not a single dime on love

tried to heal his pain year after year

the cicatrix

stitching after stitching

nothing stays resolved

by lack of love

yet he remains unyielding

oh dear you thought once salvation laid clear

in the path of mortal achievements?

the sedentary pursuits

empty the heart”

tears filled his eyes anew

record what remains

a man confesses in a half dream

his half beliefs

the stern propinquity of his well wrought allegory

endowed in newfangled antinomy

recapitulates raving madness in the vicious substance of the mind

upon the mirror of his true self he stands perplexed

oh my friend I stand alone and dazzled

my soul strewn in feral wreckage of barren

what was promised to bring solace

outgrew longevity and gaiety”

nothing satisfies a fool

what was done was all done in vain

there is no release

grief grows in the embittered heart

there is no peace

until you grow sure

pursue me in my thoughts he cried

without judgement

and you will grow sure”

satisfy the ambition

of a ravenous mind

half smitten and half unsure

lay the mad, raving heart’s values to rest

pleasure comes the insolent hand

but one’s true fate lies in time’s hands

he who swims against harsh currents

dreams to escape where old age can’t find him

yet old age reaps at his door remorseless

his heart weary but wise

time will make you wise

it’s a bitter, bitter world my friend

and youth fades as day

remembering when at the twilight we stood

as the last golden light left the blue sky

trembling hearts wished for a different farewell

tell me why did we part in such manner?

feeling our mortality in that moment

acknowledging the sinking brutality of it

of that funeral parting

be well lover, maybe after a year or two

I will see you again

you do not know lover

you do not know

what it is you have in your hands

life hardened your shell

and love is cruel

when fear is in the heart

choose wisely this time

I’ve seen the cries of men in iron

fall one after one

wise not any less yet deafened

think twice before you let her drift away

before you recklessly release her to the wind”

he who seethes in silence at the ocean and at sand clocks

greying through the months and the years

dreamed old despair would end

in gentle bosom

and in arms of lover true

enfold me in darkness

in late hours he wept

on my knees I’d fall and beg

I’d trade my hands

I’d trade my eyes

for a single sight

of that heavenly smile

her hair loosened over my chest

you would my friend, you would too

do the same as I

had she crossed your path.”


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