Violet Chapter One

Before the constellations exploded

the defender recalls encountering love;

a man stands in mortal suit before us

record what is there

he dares deny his fragile nature

a weeping man

he might have once leaped

at that fantastical natural force

if had it not been for lost loves and sour faces

he shakes his head abashed

as thought comes to mind

oh my friend I have seen monstrous things

they filled my nights with terror

for I never thought love can make a man grow so uncivil

such pleasure of evil filled the head

and what arose I could not comprehend

a truth or delusion of things conceived that may come

but not last

a little grace could have gone a long way but love dies

and that is the truth of it

when days were happy thoughts grew good

but nature’s wildness clashed in the unreconcilable race

before truth came to mind it was ripped from the heart

before a symbol of it grew and my speech I could prepare

love the impatient child

paraded her reckless deeds without further thought

entangled and crazed in her luxuriant wilderness

cried aloud and sensed the heart grew dissatisfied and scared

let us end now while some sobriety remains

let us shake hands in solemnity with what integrity is there

what vanished that day in it’s place old memories remain

let us grow in time and let us learn

though we abandon love we hope to one day return

with face lit anew and strength renewed

some other spring my friend perhaps if fate be gentler

quiet the heart and send it to it’s idleness

pay no mind to it’s bartered attempts

it is easier my friend for the heart is not to be trusted

it knows not how to cope with such treacherous doings

the ceremonial downfall

of love’s gripping spiral

one might strive to survive in it

but nevertheless become consumed by it

where beauty and innocence dies

arrogance and hatred is born

for every rose a thousand thorns

a thousand thorns my friend ready to penetrate

from your flesh to your bone

what is done is done

and pride is but a devil none of us can shake off

the old heart wallows in regret

vague uncertainties assert their surcharge

doubt comes latter but beats you like a savage beast

down the dirt road awaits

the old fear of pain and ties

it leaves the heart hollow and the eyes heavy

full of scorn and sorrow

how many in the past grew tired and claimed to partake no more in it

under the first astonishment dazed

came face to face with eyelids only half open

heavy with longing but not yet wise

in passion red where beauty lies

dressed in noble desire

she states her demands

amidst the faces laughter lit that intrigued my desire

in some arms in time I fed and served

in the name of love I gave and did so in vain

for I have not met a woman and found her to be true

never met a woman my friend who willingly

gave up her mind and her heart in true serenity

ghosts of broken images of early youth

haunt me once

ah speak of apparitions

I closed my door long ago to such presences

no deep sworn vow shall I take

down the fancy altar my feet shall not bear to step

to see a woman again and look upon her with such desire

well my friend leave it for love is wild

she can not be tamed or understood

don’t try to reason with her for

she is merciless and cruel

a woman in red

the old distinguished grace slides from eye to eye

I abide to no such gaze and glittering eyes

let her walk on by with her red shoes

her perfume heavy smouldering the eager flesh

it is things like this that enthral the hearts of men

to some she lasts a fleeting second or a day

others months and years filled with sighs and tears

walk on by now love walk on by

unrequited is our coming and our parting

a dull red queen you are to me



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