An apologue of adolescence


Anchored spirits

ruminate on the days when integrity arouse rapture in the hearts of men

virgin interpretations held dearly in sweet ponder by our youthful brilliance

some endurable wickedness chained up, enclosed in the mind’s unraveled maze

hungry spirits with exquisite taste

a succulent grape drips with sublime beauty

we quietly admire our distant, unproclaimed madness

but the grapevines ripened

with the juiciest of revelations

it’s a new age, a new generation

being content with being beautiful and evil

shining vividly, alive and harmful

tell me how do I measure my worth when my tongue’s untruthful and unwilling?

all the moralist’s are dead, and I, their estranged protege

attached to my burning youth and anchored spirit

my cunning mind is more likely to succeed

life sculpted me in accordance to fate’s unfair hand

certain parts of me still wish to be good, but to what degree?

my heart was soft but he took my innocence with him

profound questions shudder me within

the grass is coarser than before

and I regained no sureness of my love;

It’s a prelude

to days of

old blues and jazz

wine coloured nights

let us now walk into the rose garden

opening the door

that we so carefully chose

the harbinger signals at the gate

announcing the approach

of new voluptuary




an entourage of loyal followers

hover over me

with lustful eyes

prurient and impure

gathering in their circles

those dutiful and devoted creatures

await for my voice to give way

to a sway of heavenly tones

notes of perfect arrangements

under a loose command

that will send their hearts to stream

down the cosmic river of universal expansion

with every word

every tone

the drum sound beating deep into their bodily machines

velvet physicality of pink flushed keratinocyte excitement

and hair standing

dancing to the moonlight in the indigo night

flashing stars that waver

in the colossal sky

reflect in their glimmering eyes

you are those my muse salutes

the ones for which I shall labour

my rhapsody for you

is prose touched by the poetic tongues

of all the voices living inside of my own

chameleon soul

those men and their god like bodily flesh

allure every cell in my body

heroically seductive they will not withdraw

waltzing me

round and round

into an ecstasy of



and slow dance

those beautiful women

bare breasted

sultry and licentious

are so delicate in their snow white flesh

feathery angels

tying their ribbons and lace around their

hair and thighs

laughters of ecstatic joy and moans

of erotic delight

wearing their velvety gowns and cashmere


ready to sin

in glittering jewels

and wicked smiles

they too have no mercy on me

I give in

decadent as I am

all I see is blue

and deep red hues

those beams of light

and colour

sprout from my eyes

reflecting their fire

neon lights

neon nights

velvet dreams

of teal blue and green

ocean waves

white sand beaches

in the west

the pine green hills

and palm trees

are calling me

in Barra

a sailor there alone

is surfing the waves and sending me love

I feel the bubble rupture in my subconscious

and collapse

as I drift back

someone pulls me out of the waters

my lungs full of water

I choke

and spume

into velvet foam of longing and

burning desire

to be in the arms of

this sailor

in the tropics of my heart



and wet

only love is in the air

of this paradise

Ol√° meu amor

it is you I adore

my one true king

follow me into the nirvana

of our dreams

and tangerine sunsets

I lay in bed at night

decomposing in the darkness

a sudden flare

of fluorescent lights flicker

along the walls and ceiling

reflecting in my eyes

and I am mesmerised

by the spur of memorabilia

they exhibit

golden memories

of golden days

and those yet to come

all those that touched my spirit

I shall keep close

and sealed inside a membrane

tissue of timeless love

impenetrable by time

I wake to the crimson sun rising

I watch it go at dusk

orange hues

and red shades

suffocate me

with beauty

wine nights

drunken fights

I am as seductive as a siren

in my bare flesh

singing songs for the men

full of passion

full of rage

drowning in a sweet sea of

misery and despair

in my white silk gowns

I sway and drop the crystal glasses

one by one to the floor

the vermilion wine drops stain

the ice white fabrics

those intoxicating grape fermented


turn into blood coloured potions

of poison

and poems

my wicked mind shall not take rest

such dissipated and sinister

hungry flesh

I am drunk on love

I am drunk on heartbreak

I am soaked in despair

I have been going nowhere

I am a freak

don’t you want to be a freak like me?

singing blues all night long

dancing alone

inside the white silk fabrics

to the moonlight

and humming

sentimental tones

I am writing poetry

ushering a new era of


existence and

carnal desire

I feel so maudlin

without my daily disguise

I am a freak for the crowd

that’s what they crowned me

the beauty queen

of abnormal

an outlaw by choice

a degenerate

gone rogue

an anomalous


figure of





running like I am on fire

towards my wildest dreams

the queen of black ink

and ink stained sheets

my crown is black and hard as steel

my hands jarring and


word by word

those devious letters

I write and write

till all the ink runs out

and all the wine barrels

run dry

raise your glass

let us slowly drown in this sea

of red

a toast

to a victory





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