Gemellus Chapter One

An apologue of the recherché


The mesmerism

a conglomeration of gentle creatures, our circus welcomes all

they banish our anger when they laurel the wound

we give in because it appeases our guilt

second penetration;

the ineffable gift, be sure those composites astonish

an amalgamation of the frantic, ungovernable and deranged

their zealotry obsessions become our hobby tonight;

the invisible one

hurls under my pale breast

because of her beauty

because of her noble travail

I tremble in my skeletal cage

when she stirs and turns I see

the wild fire in her gaze burns but more clearly

an ebullition of pure hate

had me betraying my fragile sanity

feeling no more predilection of supplicating my replenishment

when my beast is famished, her crystalline cry grows ever more pellucid, one might learn to love and extol that staggering deity;

my words did little so dampen your ardour

your sanguinary heart is as grim and insatiable at it gets

an atrocious gift I accept, my forbearance made thin

ran fluid as the blood, appalled and free of discipline

I recline lost in a swoon, I shall declare her ingenious reality

the callus of my wound, a virulent treasure I inherited

the two of us blent, her sufferance enraptures me so I relent

she had my flesh submit and I admit, I would weep and weep over any scission in our unproclaimed, unholy union;

in the antechamber we met, she took my trivial frame to caress

my thighs slacken to her pull, I could not forgo her muscatel visions

the dreams she dreams invade me, incessantly intoxicating my consciousness

such galvanizing behest beseeched me to stay, a cogent so vehement it burns the palates;

it is her that in time I shall learn to sustain, the way she cultivated me with machinations bolstered the protruding flair

it is all but artistry, neither toil nor exertion saves you from the wretches

the soul in disarray goes blazing, on those sultry nights proclaimed the provender, nurturing the monsters I created

our trenchant dichotomy devours us, an alliance of the hazardous in psyche, the day the ego wore its wits, facilitated our stratagem;

an aptitude for the requisite, intimate contests can be deduced from such spectacles

one must be willing and susceptible, to withstand some acrimonious affliction

while we facilitate this integration, a more suitable approach is found, a better appellation

the constituent body has a right of veto, but the oracular tongue wrought serendipity into a gambit, swelling notions are roaming and singing;

an incarnation of the recondite permits emphasis to connotation

in the midst of our deliberation, an ataraxy for the paradoxical mind is formed

be no more pneumatic, lengthened by the yelping clutch of time

come she said and be the dividend, gaze upon eternity through my eyes;

the prolific fountain of cognition gulls me, the conundrums that she propagates scrutinize me in acerbic surges;

the garden’s grown, all the leaves thrust, unredeemable

you only just emerge and flourish because the nightshades are in bloom

did you feel the wind grew shrewd under the warmth of your autumn sun?

those ingenuous eyes must learn to discern the pirouette of balladries to and fro

you may tend to the compulsions you may go, be lachrymose or enamoured

to ascend past suffering quotidian, neither intramural nor pervaded

subsequent sortilege conserves that our future is not a rose faded;

to reanimate the impetus of creation, the voyager must venture down a rabbit hole of timeless mesh and sempiternal warren

a receding promontory proposes new prospects and fields of vision broadened;

at the intersection of acquiescence and volition lies an inkling doused with flickering suspicion

it all began with a faint gleam of incertitude, seemingly loitering;

we devised a bedlam of bewilderment, coordinating it with unflappable naturalness

our trap worked flawlessly, we moved through the shadows noiselessly;

the raconteur, at first recognised for his outstanding performances, orchestrated your daily extravaganza, ripening your fascination and waltzing you into submissiveness

can you feel him gyrating the kneaded decoy of words, his tools and instruments for racketeering?

an implacable advance by a sneering imposter, condescending heavy groaner, unmatured in his emotion

we know all your belabouring tricks;

a masquerade gravelled you into a maze, days endowed with thick skinned ignorance

you grow envious and angry, declining the perennial, helping hand of a divine entity

it was our endurance that brings honours;

constellations of tempest and monsoon hinder our unconventional simplicity

the sweat runs down in rivulets as he ruminates, invoking a different kind of fluidity;

language of internal discourse, your natural spur brought forth a young, incompetent god, ossified in his countenance

such pearls of wisdom shall be born from our toil and incantations;

the inclement of his noxious states sunder our concordant, compound identity

lust and greed fraught my mirth and temperament with disharmonious variance

he was the linchpin of my conversion, bringing a sea of change and renovation, my erratic composer, your tempestuous methods and blustery composure ensure my respiring maturity;

the brawling consort throes through the modulation, his pedantic grappling frayed my strength momentarily, worn down by heavy attrition and scrimmage, I still assert his calculating moves to be but a florid ornament, nothing but a false prestige

lost in reverberating transmissions, the canary warbled for most of its days;

a neonate body lay prostrated upon the riddled reverie, still tangled up in earth’s verities, parroting ballads around the gnostic pendulous flowers that carry no spines, chant away the hours, no ancient remedy, no soothing humour to conciliate

it was a lenient hand that enraged the enfeebled beast, our pioneering ventures unearth glimpses of amity and peace, his pride on fire persists, we steer for the deep waters only.


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