An apologue of the animals


The supersession

a tribute to the majestic ones, who rid us of the brooding, dolorous tales we tell ourselves, meditating animals who succour us through refinement;

ghosts welcome, repose in the sublime ultramarine

the light dims, bluing the retina;

first penetration;

proffering adolescence, revel in one’s sacred vows

every action connoted failure, the wound opens again

my creatures copulate with ferocious appetite

an animal’s derision, man’s virtue paralysed;

the primordial one

groans in perilous laments

a brute beast

a four footed one

crawls from obscurity

her ancient face appears and disappears;

stygian eyes of coal black

sully, rotten breath

gnashing her crooked teeth

foaming at the jaw

her lineaments akin to me

resembles me, but being indeed my double

vies with me for a place

in the hollow chest

where my fear doubles her strength

a war between the two at play;

I brawl with her from the cradle to maturity

no strength in my arm

enough to withstand

the savage claw

the panther’s paw

I shudder thinking of the one within

gliding underneath me

her long feathery fingers on a frenzy

knitting labyrinths of carnal, hedonistic haze

what a duplicitous maze was upon me

but I am not so bold

to gaze upon her without

the rose coloured glass

to understand the mysterious teaser

one must first solve her riddle

the ancient one leads the dance

I her cradle I lie

in the night, her silver toned moan

my company

all is changed;

her desires become my body

and that body filled with rage

constrained and defaced

cast the rest away

a deformity of body and mind

no beauty there where cruelty lies

these are gone but I know what remains

a shifty janus faced

cunning and guile to her bones

I cry at last

what divine comedy

has transformed me so utterly

bent, curved, twisted and sly

designing the insanities of her wrath

so troubled that I turn to stone

I murmur her name

and watch her tear me

head to toe

oh the purrs

she shifts her body as she pleases

no face there to discern

we change daily

no love can outweigh this terror

feel the growing pains

feel the tremor

show me your true hate

a mirror image of my own self

a bond no man can unbind

hooked to the pleasures of man

we sink into our corporeal appetites

walk into the twilight, heart’s finally benighted;

the rose of endearment waning, clock’s chimed late

white peacocks rove under tropic shades

sweet throated cellos, a mournful bride

angel’s trumpet had me slain

my scent and soul belong to the night

know the black wolf in you, you keep feeding

deadly belladonna, the poison’s in my root.


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